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I love this so much. I'm crying once again. <3

Dana Tosici


Your proposal story makes my heart melt. Congratulations to both of you!!


There is SO much about this that I love, that I don't even know where to begin. The emails you guys exchanged are adorable, Jay taking you to an airport runway is so sweet, and the burger dinner is adorable. You guys are so cute together :) Congratulations again!


This is just so wonderful. The recreating of your first date to propose!! Mr. Jay, you are seriously awesome! You two are just so wonderful and I'm so very happy that the both of you found each other. You two are a picture of what love and happiness looks like. Erica and Jay, congratulations!!! :) :).


Thanks, all!
I appreciate all of the kind words you've posted above!
Nadia, Jay thanks you profusely for the kind words about his awesomeness, and I am in complete agreement with you on that one :)


Such a great story! ... Very happy for you both!!


CONGRATS !! wish u both the best you were a great professor!

Kymberly Mate

Professor! This story made me cry! Soooo happy for you! Jay seems like a great, caring, and funny guy- and that's exactly what you deserve! Much congrats to you both!

Mary Ellen Banfield

Wonderful story. Sounds like a movie in the making. Is the "real" engagement ring a gold casting of the original onion ring? (Think "Unsinkable Molly Brown" and the cigar band ring her hubby had made for her.)


Thanks, Mary Ellen! Hahaha, while we didn't have it dipped in gold (though that'd be awesome!) we did "coat it" with a preservative adhesive and we actually showcased it at our wedding this weekend :) I'm very proud of him for coming up with that... When I said to him "You could propose with an onion ring for all I care!" only months earlier, I didn't think he'd seriously take me up on the onion part ;)

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